Patriotic Popsicles

Patriotic Popsicles. All natural, no sugar added, three ingredient popsicles! 40 calories. |

Not gonna lie, I have some seriously mixed feelings today. But let’s start with the good, shall we?


No longer just an idea in my brain but an actual, real, live blog! This little guy has been a work in progress for a few months now and I’m super excited to finally have it up and running.

And while we’re in the good news department: these all natural, no sugar added, three ingredient popsicles. Slightly reminiscent of the ones I ate as a kid. Minus the red #40. Makes my heart happy. ♥

Patriotic Popsicles |

But seriously, I came up with a popsicle recipe because it’s July. In Ohio. History says it’s supposed to be like 90+ degrees and a bajillion percent humidity. It’s supposed to be perfect popsicle weather. Not this year. Actual forecasted high temp today: a whopping 78°. Waaah waaah.

Patriotic Popsicles |

And then there’s the fact that I had hoped to have this post ready earlier in the week (you know, so you might actually be able to make them for today). But my first batch of popsicles turned out kinda meh and the pictures turned out kinda meh and then that pesky thing called work got in the way of re-doing everything.

Patriotic Popsicles |

Which brings me back to the part about mixed feelings.



And a husband and two kids and a full time job and a LOT to learn. I can barely use a camera and I can’t write to save my life and I have no idea how to even get a post onto the internet without the help of my “personal web developer” AKA husband. And this girl reeeally needs her beauty sleep. So I’m a teensy-weensy bit anxious about this endeavor.

But I’m going for it. Today, I’m letting go of my perfectionist tendencies and I’m putting my passion out on the internet. And hopefully with time and some practice I’ll figure out this blogging thing.

So welcome, and thanks for joining me for the birthday of baby blog! Grab a popsicle (and a sweater) and have a great 4th of July!

Happy 238th birthday America!

Patriotic Popsicles
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
All natural, no sugar added, three ingredient popsicles! | WW Points+: 1
Serves: 4
  • 5 oz. white grape juice
  • ½ cup blueberries
  • ½ cup diced strawberries
  1. Blend the blueberries with 2 Tbsp. of grape juice until smooth. Fill each of the popsicle molds with approximately 1½ Tbsp. of the mixture and place in the freezer for at least 2 hours.
  2. Remove the popsicles from the freezer and add 1½ Tbsp. of white grape juice to each mold. Place in the freezer for about 2 hours.
  3. Remove the molds from the freezer and push a popsicle stick into the middle layer. Be careful not to go past this layer or some mixing of the colors may occur. If your sticks need some extra stability, puncture a small sheet of foil with the stick and place over the mold. Return to the freezer for another hour.
  4. Blend the strawberries with 2 Tbsp. of grape juice. Fill each of the molds with 1½Tbsp. of the strawberry mixture and freeze overnight.
  5. To remove from the molds, thaw for a bit on the counter or run the mold under warm water.
I measured the size of my popsicle mold prior to making this recipe by filling one section with water and pouring into a liquid measuring cup. The above measurements are based on a 3 oz. popsicle. You may need to adjust the amounts depending on the size of your mold.
Serving size: 1 popsicle

Patriotic Popsicles |

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  1. Jill Schneider says

    Love your first blog. Looking forward to more recipes, especially dinner ones. Saw your webmaster and 2 cuties at parade today. Hopefully will see you all before school starts.

  2. catrina says

    This is awesome! Congrats sarah! I will be following your blog because if you could eat healthy in residency I know you are doing an unbelievable job now!

  3. Amberly says

    Great job Sarah! Keep it coming please! Me and my house could really use your tips and recipes!

  4. Christine Hoffman says

    Love this!!!!!! I have been looking for recipes like this ESP ones without the red dye!!! My kids seem to get a different personality when they consume red dye! I even get medications without the dyes, good luck with your blog I am sure it will be a big success;)))

  5. Brenda Kidd says

    What a perfect day to launch your blog, a day that represents opportunity for all Americans; this is your day. It will be awesome! I’m waiting for that scrumptious granola. Congrats!

  6. Deb Schnipke says

    This is wonderful Sarah!! I am sure you will be very successful with your blog. Look forward to seeing more wonderful recipies

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