Fresh and sweet summer salad. 269 calories. |

Summer Fruit and Poppyseed Salad

Heyyyy there summer in a bowl. Fresh leafy greens, I’ve missed you. I recapped my recent vacation last week, full of all sorts of decadent foods. And while I enjoy getting away and trying new things, my body can only take a few days before it says “pleeeeease feed me healthy food”. I tried to […]

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All natural tropical refreshment. 177 calories. |

Tropical Protein Smoothie

Is there anything in this world more refreshing than sweet, juicy tropical fruit? One taste of that goodness takes me to a place with white sand beaches, turquoise water and life less hurried. The sound of the crashing waves. The smell of the salty air. Frozen drinks with rum little paper umbrellas. Ahhhh, paradise. Ooorrrr […]

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Cool and creamy overnight oats, topped with the fresh juiciness of a delicious summer peach. 301 calories. |

Peaches and Cream Overnight Oats

A strange thing happened the first time I tried to make overnight oats. I had followed the recipe to a T. I lay in bed that night, barely able to sleep, awaiting my next breakfast. Waking the next day, I rushed to the refrigerator to try my scrumptious new oatmeal creation, only to be completely […]

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Clusters of oats, nuts and honey perfection.

Honey Nut Granola

Hands down, most made recipe in our home, right here. May have something to do with a certain person who shall remain nameless (rhymes with: Schmerek) eating half the pan before it makes it into the jar. Or a wee-one (think: peanut butter cups) who would live on yogurt and granola if I let her. Without further […]

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Salmon Tacos with Avocado Crema - smoky salmon meets creamy avocado in a tortilla. 397 calories. |

Salmon Tacos with Avocado Crema

Meet your next taco Tuesday. Sounds fancy, tastes delicious but easy peasy to make. That’s the way I roll in the kitchen. These are so simple that you could ACTUALLY make them on a Tuesday because they take a mere thirty minutes to get to the table. And I don’t mean that in a Rachael […]

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Patriotic Popsicles. All natural, no sugar added, three ingredient popsicles! 40 calories. |

Patriotic Popsicles

Not gonna lie, I have some seriously mixed feelings today. But let’s start with the good, shall we? I HAVE A BLOG! No longer just an idea in my brain but an actual, real, live blog! This little guy has been a work in progress for a few months now and I’m super excited to […]

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